In my podcast Mediated Intimacies, I talk with invited experts about the different shapes and forms in which we engage with affection and intimacy through media platforms and technology, such as social media (like Instagram or Facebook, or Tinder), novels, television series, or video games to voice assistants like Alexa or the Google Assistant. This podcast discusses why, how, and what we do when we use all kinds of media and technology to create intimacy with ourselves and others, whether these others are fictional or not.

Below you find the link to each episode:

Episode 1 – Otome Games with Susana Tosca

Episode 2 – The Fourth Wall in Games with Agata Waszkiewicz

Episode 3 – Affective Reception and Characters with Nicolle Lamerichs

Episode 4 – On our intimate relationship with God in video games with Lars de Wildt

Episode 5 – Family and reproductivity issues in “My husband won’t fit” with Mayara Caetano